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29 February 2024

The mass to be reported should be the one actually imposed on the individual bumper.
In the case where it is necessary to minimize the reaction force it is possible to employ two opposing buffers; in this case the mass to be indicated in the program of choice must be half that actually borne on the movable bumper.
With regard to the impact velocity, it should be noted that devices that automatically reduces the travel speed of the mass in the vicinity of the bumper hits, allow to take into account an impact speed lower than the nominal, in the case of lifting devices the speed can be reduced to 70% of the rated according to CNR UNI-10021 standards.
To avoid errors it is advisable to follow the calculation examples, in case you were not sure of the choice not hesitate to request information.
It is also recommended as written in the documentation at nostrro site about the possibility of mounting bumpers opposing the length of which, remember, should not be greater than the same bumper diameter.

indicate the mass (example: 1250 kg)
indicate the speed (example: 1.2 m / sec)