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29 January 2023

The common microcellular polyurethane elastomer, used for the production of this series of economic buffers, differs from our elastomer Reselgit® (Orange color) for a lower resistance to hydrolysis, to temperature and aging in general. It follows that its effectiveness is limited by the temperatures of -20 ° C and + 80 ° C, while enduring temperatures up to -40 ° C and up to + 120 ° C, also the aging process could be very rapid in marine climates, tropical or otherwise outdoors. It can be said that the difference in resistance between the M-type shock absorbers Reselgit® and P type can be compared, for similarity, the difference in oxidation resistance between a stainless steel and a galvanized steel.
Generally this material, compared to the Reselgit® and qualitatively less efficient versions, is recognizable on the market for the low price of the items manufactured with it.

The buffers Series P (yellow) are not cured on steel plate, as in the M-Series, but are provided with armor embedded steel square base bumper, casting into one solution: it is therefore appropriate that the fixing It is carried on a support plate and not on the frame. For the determination of the type of bumper suited to the needs of use apply the same criteria and choice of expedients indicated for the M series in Reselgit® since the dimensions and the mechanical performance initials are identical.

the type designation: Pxxx / xxx letter P characterizes the series. The first three positions indicate the diameter of the bumper in mm, share that also coincides to the distance of the drilling of the coupling plate, and the three successive positions to the bar indicate the bumper height, excluding the coupling plate. For the version with screw type is the abbreviation Pxxx / xxx-G.


Comparison between M-Series and P Series

For the choice of the specific type of buffer to be used
Use the 'exclusive program of choice Sinergit.



                                        Permissible deviation +/- 5%

For buffers opposed not use the type with a length greater than the diameter.