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21 April 2024

By exploiting certain unique characteristics of polyurethane Reselgit® microcellular: high compressibility, high resiliency and soft damping intervention, are products of the buffers designed to absorb significant amounts of energy, while maintaining limited the reaction force and having a weight element truly content.
Having noticed, from experiments, that these phenomena are more evident the more reduced the size of closed microcells, has delivered Reselgit® in order to minimize the size of the microcells, thereby taking advantage of the best adiabatic compression (thermodynamic transformation without heat exchange with the external environment) gases contained in the microcells.
This reduction in size makes the properties of which are enhanced Reselgit® microcellular, achieving a further increase of the absorbed energy with increasing speed, keeping the reaction force still contained.

Although the maximum crushing is the 80% of the free length, it is recommended that no more than 75% and, wanting to get a reaction force more contained, to restrict the crushing to 55%. Indicatively in this case, I'energia absorbed will be the 60% of its maximum value (see following table), while the reaction force will be the 50% of the maximum reaction of the specific bumper.
Tolerable temperature range, in exercise by -40 90 ° to + ° C with peaks up to 120 ° C. The other characteristics are what has already been said in general for the Reselgit®. On request they perform special types (example).

the type designation: Mxxx / xxx the letter M marks the series. The first three positions indicate the diameter of the bumper in mm, share that also coincides to the distance of the drilling of the coupling plate (DIN 6912 - 7984 DIN), and the three successive positions to the bar indicate the bumper height, excluding the plate of attack. For the version with screw type is the abbreviation Mxxx / xxx-G.



Comparison between M-Series and P Series

For the choice of the specific type of buffer to be used
Use the 'exclusive program of choice Sinergit.



                                       Permissible deviation +/- 5%

For buffers opposed not use the type with a length greater than the diameter.