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29 February 2024

Making best use of the characteristics of Reselgit® compact and microcellular the company has defined and built several series of shock-absorbing bumpers that, in performance and scale, offering a full range for overall more functional solution to many problems stop amortized in different industrial applications.
In addition to the considerable damping effect, all models are guaranteed for a prolonged operation in time even in particularly degrading environments, without the need for maintenance or adjustments.


In general, their small size, relative to the possibility of arrow or race crushing admit that makes them easy to apply and, consistent with their costs, they can still offer extremely cost-effective solutions. The choice of the series can be determined by: amount of energy to be absorbed, dynamic reaction force bearable, encumbrance and weight of the bumper tolerable and duration in time. The determination of the specific type, in each series, should be performed only through the calculation of the energy to be absorbed, as a function of the impact speed (70% of the nominal speed CNR-UNI-10021 if there are suitable systems for slowdown) and the mass on a bumper.